Practical And Sexy Tips For Breaking A Sedentary Lifestyle

With so much talk about health and wellness, you’d think everyone would get on board to living a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Too many people are yet stuck in their sedentary ways and reaping the results of poor health and obesity. Whether you’ve just started down the road of living a sedentary lifestyle or have been trapped therein for some time, it’s never too late to escape. The following tips can help you get started towards a healthier, more active life.

Discover Walking

Walking can do wonders for your physical, mental and emotional health. There’s nothing like a brisk outdoor walk to rejuvenate a weary mind and body. If you live close enough, walk to work instead of driving. Walk around the block, in the park or on the beach and let the waves crash on your feet.

If you work in an office, walk around during your break to get your blood flowing. If you drive to work, park a distance away from the entrance to force yourself to walk more. Do the same when you go to the supermarket or mall. The more you walk, the more it will become a part of your lifestyle which will improve your health and fitness.

Take the StairsĀ 

If there’s a choice between elevator and stairs, take the stairs. You’ll feel more refreshed and burn more calories. You can find stairs almost anywhere today – local businesses, malls, doctor’s offices, government buildings — making it a simple matter of choice. Using the stairs as often as possible is a good way to break out of your sedentary mold.

Clean your House

Whether you rent or own, your home needs to be kept clean and tidy. Housework is physical activity that benefits the body. If you don’t get much exercise at work, get active when you return home. Wash dishes, wipe counters, sweep and mop floors. If there’s maintenance work to be done, start checking off the jobs one by one. Once you’re done, saunter outside for a moonlight walk. A little physical activity after a meal will help you sleep better at night.

Do your Own Yard Work

Rather than hire a landscaping company, do your own yard work. That’s sure to get your adrenaline moving and keep you in shape. Or start a garden to keep you busy and engaged. Gardening requires quite a bit of work in the form of planting, weeding and pruning which will give you some much needed exercise. You may also find it mentally stimulating as you learn more about plants and their care.

By incorporating more movement into your everyday life, you can break free from sedentary habits that are holding you back from living a healthy and happy lifestyle.